149 Days until I face my own truth

149 days.  149 days to get my butt in gear; to lace up my sneakers in rain, snow, sleet or sunshine.  149 days to train.  149 days to break the barriers of my own mind.

I have agreed and signed up to do another half marathon.  I know that my pals from the SeaWheeze sure can tell you that I said I’d never do one again strongerafter I hobbled all over the streets of Vancouver after race day and the day after.  Despite this, I’ve signed up for the Mississauga half in May.

I tell everyone that one of my favourite moments in my running ‘career’ was running the seawall in Vancouver – it was a ‘sea’ (pardon the pun) of neon lululemon clad runners, all doing their best to hustle and finish those last few kms.  Some had trained, some had not (ahem: me….) and some were just doing the best that they could to accomplish whichever goals they had set out to conquer that day. It was a moment I wish I could have frozen in time.  Majestic.

I wanted to finish a half marathon.  At first I had set huge goals, and thought – sure I can totally break 2:15.  I was wrong.  I was also lazy.  I didn’t want to put in the time it took for me to get a time like that.  I gave up on some of my summer runs when I shouldn’t have.  I cut training runs short.  I dropped out of the Running Room course, which I had originally joined for support.  I blamed my body.  I blamed the weather. I blamed my non-existent dog named Henry.

The point is, I used everything within reach, as an excuse to not get what I wanted.  I was afraid.  I was afraid of not hitting my goal if I did train. What if I spent a really long time training and still didn’t hit the time I wanted? The problem with that thinking is that there is the opposite side of the coin to that argument;  what if I did train and beat my time – what if I even blew my own expectations out of the water?  What if my mind, was getting in my very own way?

rainI ready so many of David Willey’s “From the Editor” posts in Runner’s World and he’s always talking about how races can go a lot of different ways.  You can try to beat your PBs – sometimes you do,  and sometimes you don’t. Ultimately running is one of those sports that I find so interesting because the training and hard work that you put into it, can push you across the finish line at a time that you could have never even imagined.  The tough part is that you have to put in the work.

I have to accept the fact that I didn’t try as hard as I should have last time.  I made excuses and I have a great opportunity that lies ahead of me.  I can do what I did last time, OR I can put the time and energy into getting where I want to go.

So this time, I’m yelling “Back of negative thoughts, the ‘I can’t’ and the ‘I won’t evers’.”  I’m going to do this.  I am destined for great things.  The first step is accepting that I will get there if I try.

<—– I want to say this to myself some day ❤dontgive up

#MomMustHaves #ImNotAMom

Although I am lacking a key thing that makes me a mom, that being a baby or young child, I was invited to attend an event that was put on by Honeywell, Vicks & Braun.  I gladly accepted when I heard that this event would give me a look into the health and wellness aspects of products for the cold and flu season! (I also feel like my mom friends will benefit from this post :))

The event was held at the Shangri-La in Toronto, in the Owner’s Suite.  The guests were put in groups to visit specific stations set-up to be reminiscent of a real home.Entertain

We were shown some air purifiers first, which I didn’t find all that interesting initially, being someone who lives in a condo and doesn’t have any allergies to worry about.  The part that really interested me the most about the air purifiers is that they can actually clear the air of smells, which is great if you’re doing home renos, or if you’re cooking something that is rather fragrant.  (I will get into more detail about this when I do my full review on the Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner in an upcoming post.) People with allergies will benefit highly from one of these for sure.

VicksVapourizerThe lovely Dr. Greenberg went over humidifiers and the importance of having one in your home especially in the cold and flu season.  I’ve never really owned one, and when I think about humidifiers in particular, I always think of that one from childhood that every mom seemed to have for their sick children that smelled like Vicks VapoRub. Turns out that this Vicks Vapourizer is still available and now features Vicks VapoPad technology.  For those of you who may have grown up with one of these, do not be sad and think that ‘old faithful’ is gone.  The Vapo-pads are $9.99 for a 6 pack, which is a pretty good deal, when coupled with the $26.99 for the humidifier itself.  I was recently sick and used Vicks under my nose (and on my feet – weird sounding, but I read somewhere it helps?! hah) and the humidifier is like putting Vicks under your nose times ten.  AND for those of you who are afraid of the dark, there’s also a nightlight on this bad boy 😉 *you’re welcome*  Plus the fact that it’s called a vapourizer makes it sound galactically bada$s.  Think about it.

Dr. Greenberg demonstrates the Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer

(I will be doing a full review on the Honeywell Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier in an upcoming post to give you an idea of some different options when it comes to humidifiers.)

There were a couple of thermometer demos that were cool for moms out there.  The one that seemed the most interesting was the Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer  that takes your body temperature from behind the ear.  This prevents a baby or little one from waking up during a temperature check, which is probably a great idea when you have a sick baby on your hands.  Some of the Vicks Themometers also include Fever Insight, which is awesome because it lights up according to temperature levels.

If you have any questions about anything you see in this post or are curious to learn more, let me know.  I’ll try and answer to the best of my ability or find out for you! 🙂

Stay healthy during this cold and flu season!



*I was not compensated monetarily for this post, and opinions in this post (as always) are my own.  I will be  provided with the Honeywell Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier, and Honeywell AirGenius 5 for review*