Jamaica Update to Come!

Hi Everyone,

Returning from a vacation is always taxing (haah I suppose not taking vacation is also taxing to some…) and I am so far behind in emails and tasks that I haven’t had a proper time to post or write about my vacation.  I promise I will get to that soon.

I also have an exciting post coming up in the NOT SO AMATEUR section of my blog featuring someone who I hold dear to my heart that is a great inspiration to me and those around her, Miss Hilary Jack.  I will try to post this by end of day!  I am going to be using the NOT SO AMATEUR section of my blog to talk about ‘every day normal’ people who have met their fitness, athletic and/or health goals and serve to inspire those around them in everything that they do and be recognized for doing so!

I will leave you with a dorky photo of me on the beach.  It was dark so it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. (Neither did the plank that I was doing in the picture either 😉 hahah.)


Bexx on the Beach!