two faves: sugar crave

Recently I’ve been cruising the ‘gram and other random websites. I seem to link from one to the next fifty and somehow end up on some kimono shop just outside of Vancouver. Really I has just been looking for an idea on how to revamp my cardio to keep it interesting. I’m not sad about landing on the kimono page to be clear. It’s just easy to get distracted and down the rabbit hole when you’re on the internet. I will say while randomly cruising around the internet and some real life cruising (traveling, not on a cruise ship per say) I’ve come across some pretty cool things.

I wanted to add a few of these finds on here so that you can easily access them all in once place (maybe your rabbit hole will stop here hahaha but…likely not). Sharing is caring so it can’t hurt.

Two of my favourite finds this month are ‘junk food’ related. As far as I am concerned candy and ice cream are not junk. Anyone who says that is obviously ‘trash’ as the kids say these days. I’m kidding. Maybe.I love eating healthy I must say, but I must also say that I equally love bacon, cheese, chips and candy in moderation. At least these days I’m eating them in more moderation than perhaps before. I was originally going to only post super healthy things and then I said to myself “Listen, Rebecca – we’ve gotta do this the honest way.”

So my first ‘two faves’ are sugar related (in moderation of course) but I won’t lie about it and try and feature organic carrots as my first fave – you’ll see right through it. I used to diet a lot before and would eliminate food groups or certain foods and then want to punch someone for a bread stick (figuratively – it was like a shove to get out of my way so I could eat the breadstick before them because I missed bread so much) but maybe don’t let it get to that point for you. I admire those who can stick with a diet like that. I eat well a lot of the times, but I also spend time at the charcuterie table at a party with no shame about it to give you an idea of my eating style.

So here are my two faves for sugar cravings in moderation:

Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream via Maple Leaf Dairy Bar – Jacksons Point, Ontario
We go up to Georgina/Sutton because Jake’s family lives up there. Luckily they invite us up to the Lakehouse quite often and we get a chance to relax from our regular city vibe and listen to wave lapping on the shore as opposed to the drill that I am currently hearing from the building being built next door down below. Woo Toronto! In Jackson’s Point, Ontario is where you’ll find Maple Leaf Dairy Bar and my fave ice cream.

I need you to understand how good Cherry Cheesecake ice cream really is. This particular dairy bar has THE BEST Cherry Cheesecake ice cream I’ve ever had. This ice cream flavour is particularly rare and hard to find in the first place, so when you find it you for sure order it. (Unless you’re lactose, which is unfortunate – but don’t fret my pet Maple Leaf Dairy Bar also has non-dairy options too, including sorbet, fudge, and tasty butter tarts).

Cherry and cheesecake swirl with soft graham cracker crumbs *boom* – the graham crackers win me over and have my heart. Blueberry cheesecake doesn’t have the graham crumbs, but is a second choice if blueberry is more your jam. Go for two to three scoops, you’re not driving. 😉

Smart Sweets – Sour Blast Buddies
I brought these home for Jake to try because he’s vegetarian and can’t eat a lot of the gelatin based candies. I may have accidentally not eaten these in moderation and finished the bag without him in two days. He won’t be able to tell you if they’re good, but I for sure can. *grins*

Flavours: Berry, Blue Raspberry*, Lime, Lemon and Orange – they’re plant-based, certified vegan, gluten free and many other amazing things you can read about yourself on their website. I will say I was particularly impressed that their site says “Produced on equipment that does not process peanuts, tree nuts, milk or wheat as opposed to the disclaimers on most sites saying that ‘they may’. Way to go Smart Sweets – for nailing the candy flavours, but also the processing of your candies!

Please Note:
None of this is sponsored at all. I’d like you know if it were 🙂I just want to share things I love with as many people as possible. Shoot me a note if you have something that you love that you wanna share and I’ll try and check it out!