two faves: sugar crave

Recently I’ve been cruising the ‘gram and other random websites. I seem to link from one to the next fifty and somehow end up on some kimono shop just outside of Vancouver. Really I has just been looking for an idea on how to revamp my cardio to keep it interesting. I’m not sad about landing on the kimono page to be clear. It’s just easy to get distracted and down the rabbit hole when you’re on the internet. I will say while randomly cruising around the internet and some real life cruising (traveling, not on a cruise ship per say) I’ve come across some pretty cool things.

I wanted to add a few of these finds on here so that you can easily access them all in once place (maybe your rabbit hole will stop here hahaha but…likely not). Sharing is caring so it can’t hurt.

Two of my favourite finds this month are ‘junk food’ related. As far as I am concerned candy and ice cream are not junk. Anyone who says that is obviously ‘trash’ as the kids say these days. I’m kidding. Maybe.I love eating healthy I must say, but I must also say that I equally love bacon, cheese, chips and candy in moderation. At least these days I’m eating them in more moderation than perhaps before. I was originally going to only post super healthy things and then I said to myself “Listen, Rebecca – we’ve gotta do this the honest way.”

So my first ‘two faves’ are sugar related (in moderation of course) but I won’t lie about it and try and feature organic carrots as my first fave – you’ll see right through it. I used to diet a lot before and would eliminate food groups or certain foods and then want to punch someone for a bread stick (figuratively – it was like a shove to get out of my way so I could eat the breadstick before them because I missed bread so much) but maybe don’t let it get to that point for you. I admire those who can stick with a diet like that. I eat well a lot of the times, but I also spend time at the charcuterie table at a party with no shame about it to give you an idea of my eating style.

So here are my two faves for sugar cravings in moderation:

Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream via Maple Leaf Dairy Bar – Jacksons Point, Ontario
We go up to Georgina/Sutton because Jake’s family lives up there. Luckily they invite us up to the Lakehouse quite often and we get a chance to relax from our regular city vibe and listen to wave lapping on the shore as opposed to the drill that I am currently hearing from the building being built next door down below. Woo Toronto! In Jackson’s Point, Ontario is where you’ll find Maple Leaf Dairy Bar and my fave ice cream.

I need you to understand how good Cherry Cheesecake ice cream really is. This particular dairy bar has THE BEST Cherry Cheesecake ice cream I’ve ever had. This ice cream flavour is particularly rare and hard to find in the first place, so when you find it you for sure order it. (Unless you’re lactose, which is unfortunate – but don’t fret my pet Maple Leaf Dairy Bar also has non-dairy options too, including sorbet, fudge, and tasty butter tarts).

Cherry and cheesecake swirl with soft graham cracker crumbs *boom* – the graham crackers win me over and have my heart. Blueberry cheesecake doesn’t have the graham crumbs, but is a second choice if blueberry is more your jam. Go for two to three scoops, you’re not driving. 😉

Smart Sweets – Sour Blast Buddies
I brought these home for Jake to try because he’s vegetarian and can’t eat a lot of the gelatin based candies. I may have accidentally not eaten these in moderation and finished the bag without him in two days. He won’t be able to tell you if they’re good, but I for sure can. *grins*

Flavours: Berry, Blue Raspberry*, Lime, Lemon and Orange – they’re plant-based, certified vegan, gluten free and many other amazing things you can read about yourself on their website. I will say I was particularly impressed that their site says “Produced on equipment that does not process peanuts, tree nuts, milk or wheat as opposed to the disclaimers on most sites saying that ‘they may’. Way to go Smart Sweets – for nailing the candy flavours, but also the processing of your candies!

Please Note:
None of this is sponsored at all. I’d like you know if it were 🙂I just want to share things I love with as many people as possible. Shoot me a note if you have something that you love that you wanna share and I’ll try and check it out!

I took a ‘leap of faith’ once

I used to work for an alcohol company, and we were in Ireland one time. I say that so nonchalantly *flips long brunette locks*, but trust me when I admit that I tend to always try to gauge things against what my twelve-year-old self would think about things and adult me smiles secretly from the inside scoop on how cool this experience really was and how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity in the first place. My twelve-year-old self would have freaked out, likely doubted the legitimacy of the promise of said trip to Ireland and skeptically thought the plane ticket was a fake.

We got to do a lot of cool things; some involved alcohol consumption and others did not. We were in fact there to learn, explore, celebrate and tour around after hitting a sales target as an organization. Gooooo team!

We could choose our own adventure so to speak, from a list of options and I went on the adventure obstacle course day instead of the SPA. At least I think the spa was one of the options, but look at me all proud of myself that I went adventuring over relaxing! It sounded like an adventure. It was in the title. If this was not to be adventurous, then it was in fact false advertising.

There was a mountain bike obstacle course, a climbing wall, and archery (which I was terrible at. Legit the arrows DID NOT fly for me. Couldn’t be asked to join Robin Hood’s gang of thieves because they’d laugh at my accuracy and that would be rather embarrassing now that I come to think of it.) I promise there is a point.

My final activity was one I wanted to avoid all day. I saw it when we came in and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but I sure did know it was something that I’d rather avoid eye contact with, as opposed to letting it gaze into my eyes and down into the depths of my soul. It could see the fear and I felt naked about it. If you’ve ever seen a hydro pole, you know how big it is both in height and diameter visually. If you haven’t seen a hydro pole it’s a 35-foot pole that you can climb up and when you’re standing on the top of it you can maybe turn around comfortably at a turtle’s pace.

The Leap of Faith, I don’t remember if this was the official name or if I heard someone just call it that, but holy sh*t. I remember looking all brave walking over to the pole and looking up. I remember word vomit spewing out of my mouth telling everyone I may crap my pants. I walked up to the metal pegs that they called the steps/ladder, and I got to the platform. I put my two hands down and got onto the platform on my knees. My two little pistons of power (my legs) were shaking and I wasn’t sure how I’d get from my knees up to standing.

Why the hell was I doing all of this?

Well to learn to take a leap of faith that day to learn that my team wouldn’t let me fall.

I was to stand on the platform and jump toward a stilled flying trapeze that was purposefully too far away from most people (Read: ‘most people’, but also for reference I’m 5”5’ & 3/4s with the lovely gift of shorter than average arms, which I’ve kindly nicknamed my ‘t-rex arm’, sometimes I even yell rawr when I can’t reach something. It’s super cool.) to reach on their own. The idea was really that down below, this terrifying 35-foot drop, there were three or four of your co-workers who were going to pull a rope that was attached to your harness when the count hit zero and you were going to complete the task together. You would jump and trust. They would be able to count and also pull the rope on cue. (<– this part is important when picking your team.)

Panic set in.

Sheer terror.

May have peed a little. (Maybe figuratively… but I’ll never confirm nor deny..)

I got to standing by some sort of miracle, but I could feel the platform sway as I felt my knees shake. The trapeze handle was so far away. My team asked if I was ready and I said no. They started counting down anyways. I remember wanting to jump when they got to the ‘go’ part, but I hesitated for a second. That split-second based on a lack of trust – I missed the trapeze by a tiny smidge. Could have been a big smidge, but in my memory it was tiny, maybe a fraction of an inch, but likely a foot in real life. This is my story, shhh. I almost made it. I was sad. I didn’t make the heroic jump to save the day and join Cirque de Soleil to grace their performances. I never talked about this day with anyone really. I buried the sadness. I buried the shame and hurt that I couldn’t just trust as easily as a lot of other people. I beat myself up a bit on the inside (I have a mean jab, jab, cross, hook, uppercut, pow!) and then I moved on.

Maybe I didn’t get it back then, but I get it now.

This is a constant reappearing theme in my life, and I’m trying to break this pattern. I always doubt my gut and hesitate. I lack trust. I’m scared of failing. I’m so scared of looking stupid. I’m scared of looking like a fool.

I knew the team had my back even back then and I paused and thought I couldn’t. I said the c-word in my head and I couldn’t take it back — the dreaded ‘can’t.’ I missed the jump because I didn’t believe that I could. I didn’t believe it was enough. I didn’t think I had enough in me to do it, even with a team down below legit cheering for me.

It’s okay though. I took a leap of faith once, and I hesitated. I fell and I didn’t make the jump, that time. Fail forward, friends. I jumped this time. Trust. You’ve got this.

Some people will call you crazy. Some people will look at you and wish they could be as ‘strong’ as you, which you certainly do not feel all the time. These reminders are nice on days when you struggle to remember yourself but you have to find the strength from within. Some people will say mean things to your face because they don’t get it or behind your back about your decisions that they think that you won’t hear. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. That’s also okay too. You’ve made judgments about other people before too. Not everyone has to understand your journey, nor do they owe it to you to automatically cheer while or when you do take YOUR ‘leap of faith’. This is about you.

I read something the other day that I wish I remembered the source of because I can’t claim it as my own initial thought – it went something along the lines of no matter what decisions you make people will be judging, positive or negative. Ultimately to me, this just reinforces the fact that every decision you make is really only your own concern. People will judge regardless. You do you. Don’t give the life you really want a hard maybe. Give it a hard yes. You owe it to yourself to at least try.

I have a few ideas of what my next steps are. Things are happening. There are also many things in the works. For once in my life I’m feeling things out, taking my time, trusting the universe and not explaining my every move to everyone looking for some sort of validation. I’m done with that.

Today I TRUST my gut. I hope you learn to trust yours too.

Grandma Mary & The First Annual Run for the Love of Pete 5k

A lot happened this weekend, and as much as I don’t want it to take away from the race as a whole, I must explain so that you truly understand the impact that this had on me this weekend.

My grandmother passed away on Saturday at the age of 95.  She lived quite the life, and she was always funny and entertaining to me.  She laughed at all my jokes, put up with my crazy antics, swore I hadn’t changed at all since birth (I assume I was always this entertaining haha) and even posed for photos with me while I ‘forced her’ (read: encouraged her to do so, because “At 90+ you can do or say what you want, Grandma..”) to the give the finger.

For as long as I can remember growing up, when she was calling for you in the yard, she’d go through every grandchild’s name before getting to yours (including the boy names) every single time.  When I was getting in trouble this was awesome because it would sound like something along the lines of “Oh… Samantha, Mark, Trevor, Melissa, Matthew, er…Chad.. OHHHHHH REBECCA! WHATEVER your name is, get in the HOUSE!” and by then I would be half way across the yard in the opposite direction. She played cards, darts and bowled. She patiently sat with us all and tried to teach us how to play euchre.  (I never caught on).

She taught me what I remember to be one of the first jokes (play on words) I understood, and I like to think I’m mistakespretty funny – so I owe this all to Grandma and her coffee cup.  It read: I never make mistakes.  I thought I did once, but I was mistaken.  Now, I’m not sure if you get how hard it would be to explain that play on words to a 7 or 8 year old, and I figure Grandma had her work cut out for her – at the time mini Rebecca had felt it was all too obvious that you had in fact made a mistake if you had been mistaken.  It was clearly written on the cup. 😉

The reason I bring this all up isn’t because I want everyone to be sad or feel bad.  I just want you to know that this weekend had many highs and lows, but ultimately will always be one to go down in the books.

Run for the Love of Pete was something I told my grandma about recently, and she kept telling me how proud she was of me. I wasn’t sure how much she understood, because our conversations were all at yelling level, as her hearing had been going a bit, but I’m glad she got a chance to hear about it.

My dad wasn’t a perfect man.  He made mistakes, he did the best he could, but ultimately was one of my favourite people that I have ever met.  He was often the class clown when he went to mining conventions, always volunteered in the community where we lived, and defended me by yelling at all the neighbourhood kids when we got carried away chucking ice  balls at each other.  He was a gem.14289884_10101232710651650_2855432295706238207_o

I’ve been really lucky to be graced with such gems in my life, and organizing the Run for the Love of Pete was something that I have been saying I’m going to do for a long time.  I announced the run, started a new job, and was going to cancel the event because I didn’t feel like I had dedicated enough time to it (or the marketing of it).  However, when you announce that you’re going to do something, like my dad always told me, you must follow through or else people won’t believe you if you say you’re going to do it next time. And so I did.

Running is rather polarizing – some people love it, and some people really hate it.  There are in between people who sometimes run, and sometimes don’t run.  Most of my friends are the ‘don’t really want to run’ type people, but that didn’t stop them from running on Sunday, or volunteering to help organize and ‘run’ this race. (Pun always intended).

That being said I want to thank each and every one of you who ran, volunteered, encouraged me at any point before, during or after the race, gave me pats on the back when I selfishly needed them and made donations to the Heart and Stoke Foundation, or cooked brunch for ravenous runners (which is like risking your life via sticking your head in the mouth of a lion – don’t get between people who have run a 5K and a pile of pancakes is all I’m saying ;))
Organizing something that you hope will be a giant race one day, really makes you thankful for all the people that are in your life. I really lucked out in the friendship lottery of life.  Surrounding yourself with great people reminds you why you strive to be better each and every day just like them. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You all mean the world to me!

image1So, the first Run for the Love of Pete is dedicated to my Grandmother, Mary Coe. She could rock that white hair like no other.  Although her name isn’t in the title of the race, and she probably never ran in her life (except perhaps running after me or any of her other awesome grandchildren in the yard..which might count..) she was a woman who will not be forgotten.

She always reminded me to be better & to not take my gift of making people laugh for granted, and my dad always told me to do the things that scare me the most.

This Sunday amidst the laughs and jokes while running the Run for the Love of Pete 5k  (and coming in last so that no one else did) I thought about how Grandma and Dad were probably looking down at me from somewhere shaking their heads, and making some joke about how I actually managed to pull this all off among all the other crazy things I always have going on like I do, and it made me smile. ❤

Do those things that scare you the most, they are guaranteed to be some of the best things that you ever do.

With love,



Run for the Love of Pete 5K : The Why

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.24.43 AMAt first, I wanted to do something in the memory of my father, Pete. I wanted to raise money and awareness for heart health so that people around me got to live longer and learn about the things that they needed to do to accomplish this. I love running, so why not pair the two?

Over the course of wanting to launch this run (I’ve been thinking about this for about a year and a half), I had anxiety about hitting send on a mass email, hitting create on an FB post and talking to people about it in general. I’d hold back. I realized that all I needed to do was take the first step.

In all my research around running races, and organizing them, I scoured the pages of Runners World Magazine and any online resource that I could. If I was having this much trouble taking the first step to creating a race to ‘change lives’ then how many other people were having the same struggle? I mean this from all standpoints in life. Were others struggling to run? Were others so afraid of what other people thought so much that they were just sitting and waiting for that perfect moment to do what they really want to do?  Were other people so paralyzed with fear and self-doubt that they just sat on really great ideas for a really long time instead of just getting out there and doing them?

I was (and still am a little spooked) about taking the first step. What if one person comes to the race? What if no one shows up? What if it’s raining? What if people look at September 11th as a negative date? What if I don’t raise awareness or money and fall flat on my face? There will always be ‘what ifs’.

I took the first step yesterday.

I almost puked in the car.

Some people will understand, some people won’t. Some people will laugh at your goals and mine, others will suScreen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.16.28 AMpport them with banners (think signs made out of glitter and uncooked macaroni, that’s what I see ;)), and do whatever they can to help.

I set-up the Facebook invite, and to some that will seem rather trivial (or an archaic way of doing things hah), but it has taken me months to hit that ‘create’ button. My buddy Doug took me for a ride in the car. He made me listen to a podcast that really changed the way I look at this hurdle. I have to spend more time looking at why I want to do this, not at how or what. The rest I can figure out along the way. (Check out this TED Talk with Simon Sinek if you want to learn more about the ‘why’).

All I have to remember in every step of this process, no matter how good or bad this goes, I took the first step – the first step of many to come.

I will learn a lot throughout this whole thing, things won’t be perfect and I will refine and change things as I go. I hope that you join me, as we take many first steps together, never forgetting the why along the way!


2015 NYE List – A Year in Review

2016Goals and resolutions don’t need to start at the beginning of the year, but a new year gives us all an opportunity to reassess the goals that we set for last year and try to figure out what we still have an opportunity to work on.  A clean slate, if you will.

A lot of people start fresh at the gym, swear off sweets, vow to not date any more people who aren’t good to them etc.  No goal is too big or small, if you put your mind to it! It’s better to fail, and fall on your face, than never try at all! I’ve fallen on my face numerous times, on all fronts haha

Looking back here are some key highlights from my 2015, some of my new favourite people, and goals for 2016!


  1. Personal training – got a trainer for the first time, and am more ambitious than ever when it comes to health and fitness goals.
  2. Boston trip to see the Jays play at Fenway.  A dream come true!
  3. Nashville trip – fav part – Bluebird Cafe acoustic session (for all you Nashville tv show fans!)
  4. Cottage time – adventuring at the cottage with my favs this summer, fishing, trolling, water wading, bon fires, laughs and fun.
  5. Living on my own – it has been freedom that I’ve never experienced before and it’s the best! I’ll dance in my undies if I want to!
  6. Letting myself fall hard in ‘like’ –  love is too strong of a word.  I’m not ready for that yet haha
  7. Hanging out with my 94-year-old Grandma at Christmas, and making jokes about getting wasted and tearing up the town.
  8. Running an 8k race with Hilary on the tarmac of the Downsview Airport.
  9. Bonding with my bro before and during this Christmas holiday. I really appreciate him, and I have a lot to learn about the grown-up version of my little bro. He’s a gem. ❤
  10. Finishing a half marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Not by much, but it still counts!
  1. Not hitting all my fitness goals this year.
  2. Meeting a guy that I really connected with who I thought was super awesome; our first date felt like six and like I was talking to someone I knew my whole life.  Timing is everything though and it just didn’t work out. Excited for new man-adventures this year 🙂
  3. Not being as good of a friend as I sometimes need to be.  I want to be more present and there for the people who need me, like they are for me!
  4. Realizing that sometimes trying to change things is a bigger hurdle than you could ever imagine.  It does take one person to initiate change, but it also can take a village to help support. (I know I combined sayings here… but work with me village, work with me…)
  5. Having a personal trainer who didn’t actually seem engaged in helping me with my fitness goals.  After re-assessing and getting a new trainer mid-way through, I feel recharged and like it’s making a difference the way that I had hoped.
5 Goals for 2016
  1. Organize and launch a run in my dad (Pete’s) memory – Run for the Love of Pete to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  2. To do something with my life, that is my true passion.
  3. To not just ‘lose more weight’ but get even fitter.  Body composition has definitely changed for the better and I feel so much stronger and leaner.  Just need to keep at it and not quit 🙂
  4. Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes, and a 10K in less than 58 minutes.
  5. Run a 10K with my buddy Darryl.  Accountability partners are where it is at, budddayyy!

3 Best New People of the Year-

  1. Stacie K-  Watch out for this one guys! She’s a figure competitor, and she’s working hard this year for a show she’s gonna win 😉 I met her through a friend of a friend, and she’s become a staple in my every day – including snaps, gym talks and me trying to get her to take up running.
  2. Marissa Lok – Honey Badger don’t give a f*ck!  One of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.  She most definitely takes one for the team, will be the last one up making sure things get done, and is one of the kindest, most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had.
  3. Lee Taylor and Aleisha Learoyd – Team Bell.  Meetings, laughs, good times – excited for more to come. These two most definitely make me appreciate the smaller things in life ❤ (At least all 10 feet of your combined ;))

noidea2015, it’s been great.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, life, and love.  I’ve decided to make 2016 about being present in all that I do – putting my phone down, appreciating the overall experiences and adventures.

Happy training, cheers to 2016, and to the year of being present!


How to Pick the Perfect Personal Trainer

When you have a trainer you spend a lot of time with them, just how much time you spend with them, is really up to you.
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.47.17 PMI personally love morning training sessions and see my trainer TJ at 6 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Sometimes I think he’s plotting to kill me with his crazy training weightlifting/cardio combos, other times I think he just likes watching my face when he lies and says just two more burpees when I know we already got to 12. (He’s sneaky like that!)  All said in jest – if you know me IRL, you have probably heard a TJ story or ten, because I really appreciate my trainer and all that we accomplish within these hour-long sessions.  He’s like a big brother that you actually listen to, and sometimes he even yells out really cool things to embarrass you in the gym (This morning he yelled “NOW DON’T FART” when I was about to do leg lifts for my abs to try and embarrass me…I died laughing.)   All kidding and joking aside, he’s really good at reading his clients (HE GOT TRAINER OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER!!!!) – he is good at joking with some clients, being serious with others, and pushes some that need to be pushed in ways that they’ll feel comfortable.  This is a key to being a good trainer in my opinion.

How to find your own awesome personal trainer like mine:

1. Personality

  • social-media-personality-typesIf you don’t like being pushed, and the type of trainer you pick likes to lead your sessions with encouraging ‘yips and yells’ about fitness screaming “YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS” in your ear while you workout – you’re going to want to spend your session punching them with your mind, rather than focusing on the workout. This pretty much defeats the purpose.  If that is your style and you love the idea of having your own personal drill sergeant, pushing you beyond your own minds limitations, then this type of trainer may be for you!
  • There is no right and wrong type of personality when it comes to training – fit is what is the most important (not how fit they look, how they fit with you! ;)).  When you’re looking for a job at a company the culture and how you fit in matters, and the same thing goes for training – pick a person (and place) that is best fit to your own personality and what you’re looking to get out of a personal trainer.

2. Goals

  • Ultimately your goals and what you’re going to the trainer for are important.  I spend a lot of time at the gym and training.  That being said, you observe a lot of different trainer/trainee relationships.  If you’re going to the gym to see a personal trainer for the mere fact that you can tell Suzy and Mimi
    Photo cred:

    that you have a trainer, then your goals are going to be a bit different from someone who is looking to drop weight, improve their endurance or enter their first fitness competition.

  • It is important in this case to know what your trainer has in terms of  credentials or ‘claims to fame’. Have they trained both males and females?  Have they helped people get to their goal weight?  Have they won fitness competitions themselves? Do they know how to train people who want to do that? All very important questions to ask or look into when you’re trying to find the trainer who is right for you.  A lot of people will claim that they can get you to your goals, but don’t necessarily have the street cred to back that up.  (Note:  This does not give you license to blame your trainer if you are not hitting your goals if you mash pizza into yo’ face after training.  Diet is equally important.)

3. Price and Availability

  • How much are you willing to invest in a personal trainer? Some of my friends think I’m crazy and spend a lot on training.  I realize that I do. I also used to spend a lot of that money on pizza, so I think it’s a good reallocation of funds 😉  It’s okay to save your money and shop around for a trainer who fits into your budgetary life too.  At the end of the day, you need to do what works best for your lifestyle.
    Photo cred:
    Photo cred:

    Maybe it’s time for less pizza, or maybe it’s time to shop around until you find a super awesome trainer who is starting out and may have a Groupon deal.  It’s really up to you.

  • The time of day that you’d like to train is also important.  Some trainers are flexible with training time. If your schedule isn’t always the same,  you may want to find a trainer who can work with a more sporadic schedule.  Some trainers are working with other clients who have more set schedules, and they may not be for you.  Again, it’s really about finding someone who can work with you, and your schedule to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your training.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience with my trainer!  I started off with one that didn’t really mesh with my personality, and what my goals were.  These are some of the things that I thought about when trying to find more of what I was looking for.   I hope that this helps you when choosing your personal trainer wisely 😉

Any great or not so great stories about personal training to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Training!


ps unsolicited plug – if anyone is looking for an awesome trainer, I happen to have one and know a few others as well 🙂 Let me know if you need any help sourcing!

6 End of Summer Favourites

This summer I’ve found a lot of favourites, that will continue to be favs into the cooling down months! (We all shudder when the F-word is mentioned, so I won’t say Fall ;))

Photo Credit: Fabletics

1- Fablectics –  I suppose I can’t really say it is one thing – it is many things. I have so many awesome capri tights that continuously get me compliments at the gym with awesome new patterns; I have cute workout shirts, and a killer tote bag envied by many.  Kate Hudson – you done right!  My fav piece is the bag to the left, with its beautiful graffiti-like design, that I use for soccer and quick travel weekends.  Superb!Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.39.02 PM

2- Life Brand Exfoliating Face Wipes – I run, train with my trainer three times a week, do yoga and play soccer.
That means I’m often a sweaty mess.  These wipes were reco’d to me by my fellow super fitness fanatic friend Hilary (you can read about her and her amazing fitness journey here). These wipes swipe that gross-sweaty-salty-after-sport grit off of your face and exfoliate your skin.  They make you feel like you’ve just washed your face, even if your reality looks more like sitting on the side of a soccer field post-game taking off your soccer cleats!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.34.20 PM
3. amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I got a tester of this lovely product and used it for the first time when I was in a pinch between work and an event.  When you’re on the run, and you’ve worked out, or even just had a long day – this dry shampoo smells great, and really dries up and freshens thScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.47.16 PMose less than fresh (read: greasy) spots.  That sounds like an infomercial.  You’re welcome.

5. The Daily Crave Veggie Chips –  I was at a gourmet grocery store (why, I’m not sure) and I found these gems. Tasty like a real chip, but wayyyyy less salty, gluten free, vegan free… haha kidding.  They are vegan though for real! They are also dairy free, with no artificial flavours or colouring, non GMO, and no hydrogenated fats.  (Check out their website for more info!)

6. PC Blue Menu Sparkling Water  –  I’m trying to give up pop.  I love Coke Zero, but hate the idea of Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.51.34 PMaspartame.  That being said I was looking for an alternative that still gave me the fizz aspect with some flavour.  With no additional sugars, this one won.  I love all the flavours they offer, but mandarin is my top pick of the bunch.  They offer lemon, lime, and pomegranate blueberry as well!

If you could add to the list what are some of your favourites from the summer that would be greatly enjoyed by all this Fall to accompany their healthy-ish lifestyles? Let us know 🙂

Happy Training,