Oh welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!! Thank you for visiting ♥

In the photo above, right away I wanted you to see an authentic photo of me at my best with my other (better) half, Jake. ♥ I aim to be the most authentic and honest that I can be with you, even when it’s hard. I did just show you a photo of me sans make-up, with a red face because we were hiking Angels Landing in Utah, so I think this automatically makes us friends. What a great day!

Nice to meet you! Rebecca Yanyk is what my parents decided to call me, my friends call me Bexx and I am the proud founder of SoulPeak. For some reason you were drawn here. Maybe it’s to learn what SoulPeak really is about. Maybe it’s to learn more about essential oils and how you can up-level your health by incorporating them into your daily life. Maybe it’s to make fun of my spelling and grammar! Any reason is a good reason in my books. I feel like the universe sometimes conspires to connect people that should be connected, so welcome!

I absolutely love hiking, running, health & wellness, laughing at & making a lot of jokes, and trying to be my best authentic self. Feel free to email me rebecca.p.yanyk@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you♥