Gym Bag Essentials – Winter: Hilary Jack

I’ve featured Hilary on my blog before, and I’m sure you’re anxious to find out what is in this lovely lady’s gym bag this winter!

1)KT TapeKT Tape –   “I started out taping my calf because it would hurt after long runs but after I sprained my ankle KT was a mandatory part of my day. KT has a comprehensive website with tons of video tutorials found on YouTube for all the different types of injuries you could have and the type of taping you should do to best support your injury. If you’ve seriously injured or have weak ankles (or wrists) this stuff is unbelievable. It offers unobtrusive support and really helps the healing process. I keep a roll of it in my kickboxing bag just in case and I tape up before I go out for runs. A must have!”

lululemon mittens2) Lululemon Run With Me Mittens – “These have been my favourite thing this winter for my runs.  They don’t offer a whole lot of warmth, but they’re made with lulu’s “rulu” fabric which helps your hand while they perspire. My hands sweat a lot in a regular mitt, and during the run they stay nice comfortable without feeling gross and icky. They have X-STATIC® – The Silver Fiber® thumb tips which help you to change your music or check your distance on your smart phone while you run. These aren’t mitts you throw on to shovel the car. They are designed to be worn with your sweaty hands in mind. I love them and don’t go on my runs without them.”

lulutop3) Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve – “I turn to Lululemon again to gush about this shirt! Not only does it NEVER stink (it doesn’t ever), but it insulates the body and acts as an incredible under layer during those brisk winter runs. I’ve run in -5 weather wearing only a compression tank, the lulu top and a thin windbreaker over top and have never been cold. That said, it’s also great to wear indoors as well, as your body can breathe easy through the fabric. I wouldn’t wear it to do a 10k run indoors, but it does the job nicely for an hour long kickboxing sesh.”


Thank you to Hilary for sharing her three favourite gym bag essentials with us this chilly fitness season!

If you would like to share what’s in your gym bag, shoot me an email at!

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