Coach Bexx


I’ve been rather absent these days in the blog world – busy at the normal day job and I’ve also picked up something new on Saturday mornings.

Having a second job made me afraid that I wouldn’t have time to do the things that I love to do.   It turns out that this job doesn’t feel like a job at all and really, it starts at 9 and ends at 12, so the reality of the situation is that I am done my Saturday job before some of my friends even get out of bed! haha

Coaching has done something for me that I never thought it would.  First off, I wasn’t even sure it would be something that I’m good at.  I hesitated and had to really think about whether it was something that I could do.  I want to eventually get my Personal Training cert, so for me this would be a great way to test my coaching and teaching skills, so I took it on.

Little Kickers is a great soccer program and a great place to start in terms of coaching.  You get to coach some little people who look at you like you are the best adult on the planet.  I struggle to think of myself as an adult, as I’m running around a pylon-made race track honking my voice-horn as I pretend to be a race car – but it is my job after all 😉

Little Kickers helps the kids learn their basic soccer skills, but also teaches them courage, confidence and autonomy.  It teaches them listening, teamwork and taking turns.  It is also one of the cutest things I’ve even seen in my life.

As a coach you must posses that great balance between showing them that you mean it when you ask them to do something, but also making them giggle when they put the soccer balls away, by having the hungry hippo (the ball bag) eat their arms when they help you clean up.  This can be challenging at times, but if you can get 10 of the 15 to listen, you’re on a roll!

Watching the kids build their confidence and skills over the weeks that you coach them really gives you too a sense of accomplishment.  They’re all between the ages of 1.5 and 5.

Little kickersThe youngest group are called the Little Kicks.  They’re sometimes afraid to look at you when they start classes, and they hide behind their parent’s legs.  They try to get their one leg up to kick while the other one steadies them, and they’ve never really thought about trying this before.  They had no idea they could run backwards, and they go home and practice. Teaching them to high-five and clap for each other is my favourite.

The Junior Kickers are at an interesting stage.  They want to tell you things and really share, but they hesitate a little bit sometimes.  They have some mad ‘little kicking’ (read: dribbling) skills, and they know their colours.  The smile they get when you ask them to do their favourite ‘monkey’ kick is infectious.  When the classes are over, they want to stay and talk to you all morning. *smile*

The Mighty Kickers stop your class to tell you that they hurt their toe last week, and want to show you.  They will surprise you with their penalty kicks, by doing some that would totally put yours to shame.  They giggle at your jokes that adults would shake their heads at, and they are undoubtedly on their way to being some of the future’s greatest soccer stars.  It’s a good thing Beckham is retiring, that’s all I’m saying.  They’d most def. give him a run for his money.

I’m really proud of my Little Kickers.  I’m proud of them for what they learn each week, and for what they teach me.  I have more confidence, I have more fun that I ever used to have on a Saturday morning, and they remind me that life is about having fun, and making the most of it!

You can check out East York Little Kickers (where I coach on Saturday mornings) on Facebook 🙂 Lots of classes and locations in the East end and in the High Park and Trinity Bellwoods area.  Feel free to contact me if you want more info!



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