Bexx-ercize Your Workout Closet…

Yeah, I just wrote that….. I went there…. haha I’m laughing because I think it’s funny.  As most of you know, I tend to do that a lot.

Moving right along…. a few of my close friends and I have been chatting recently about our favourite workout gear and I thought that I would share some of mine.  This is totally not a solicited review of any kind, and totally just my random opinions on the workout gear that I will mention below.

I have a few favourite items that are must haves for me during a challenging workout:Under Armor Capris

1)  Under Armor HeatGear Capri Tights–  These tights are great for running, and also boot camping activities.  They are tight, provide compression and are very breathable.  I wear them in the summer and the winter.  I have used them indoors and out.  I tend to heat up a lot and man-sweat (as I like to call it…why am I single?!? oh yeahhhh)  so sometimes these are even perfect for a nice crisp fall/winterish day.  I have worn quite a few different types of pants to work out in, and these are by far my favourite.

2)  Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer ii –  I’ve always had trouble finding a good sports bra.  Sometimes I used to have to wear two.  Now I know some of you do tatatameriinot think this is a bad thing (namely men reading thinking.. yay boobs) but it really is key that the ladies stay tamed.  Lululemon has done a lot to make sure that this bra keeps your ladies well in place, while also making sure you do not have what appears to be a ‘uniboob.’  YAY Lulu!  I had the original, and now have upgraded.  There have been a few changes for those of you who are old school and have only experienced the older version.  A must-have for ladies wanting to keep their ladies under control, especially while running.

3) Lululemon’s Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt – This one is one of my favs.  I love wearing it to and from workouts, and also running outside.  Vfav shirtery breathable and the thumb holes are key.  Perfect for Fall/Spring running weather.  I loved wearing this in the Fall last year running outside when it was just starting to get chilly.  It’s one of my favourite to wear to and from workouts in the winter, because the thumb holes act as kind of like a glove, and that’s awesome because I always forget my mitts 😉  I also love the colours that are available.  The seams are anti-chaffing and it also has some Silverscent technology that has anti-odour properties.  Overall one of my favourite workout shirts.

So I hope that helps!  These are just some of my favourite picks.

If there are any ‘must-haves’ that you recommend, please leave your comments below.  I’d love to spring and buy myself some new gear! (that comes highly recommended of course :))

Happy training,


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