In this week’s NOT SO AMATEUR post, I had the pleasure of interviewing an old coach of mine, Nate Bower of Nate Bower Fitness.  I have taken some of his boot camp classes (indoor NateBowerand outdoor), and Saturday boxing classes.  He’s kicked my butt on numerous occasions in a good way! (Figuratively speaking of course! :))

Nate Bower is a certified personal trainer, fitness expert and competitive athlete.  He has won his age group championship in the MultiSport Canada Duathalon series in 2009.   He is a four-time Nova Scotia provincial boxing champion (2002 to 2006), a former track and field provincial champion, and has been a competitive athlete for the past 20 years.

Over the course of the week you will find Nate in the gym training, or making sure his clients are getting the most out of his personal training sessions.

Why Nate Bower inspires me:  Having taken some of his classes as I mentioned above,  Nate pushes his clients and the ladies and gents in his classes, to get better each and every day.  I’m not going to lie to you – there were mornings when the whole class would show up and we were not looking like a lively bunch – Nate was there to snap us out of it and start our day right.

He practices what he preaches.  He is lucky (he says) to be married to a lovely woman who just happens to be a dietitian!  She helps Nate stay on track with healthy meals that she prepares from scratch.  Nate also gives 100% effort during his workouts and expects nothing less from his clients.

What we can learn from Nate Bower:  We can most definitely learn from the example that Nate sets for his clients and those around him.  He works himself just as hard as he works them.  There is something to be said about someone who pushes themselves like that.  Participating in Duathalons and in the boxing ring requires endurance and an “I-won’t-give-up” attitude that Nate most definitely has.

Nate does not use ‘being busy’ as an excuse for himself.  He owns and operates his own personal training business and is constantly looking forward to future opportunities, whether it be a fancy new boxing app or a new trendy workout for his clients, he’s on it.  He is also an advocate for  Start2Finish Run4Change,  which is an organization that works with children to end poverty and eliminate obesity through education.  (You can click here to watch Nate’s 20 minute workout video for children all over the country!)

A lot of the time this guy is up at 5am, and training until 10pm.  Early in the morning, or late at night, he gives the same amount of attention and dedication to his clients! He’s a great coach, and he sets the bar pretty high for those fitties around him!


7 Questions with Nate Bower:

What  does a typical day in the life of Nate Bower look like?  A typical day….hmmm, thousands of chin-ups and buckets of protein powder…..hahah.  Actually, most mornings begin with a 5:30am wake-up call.  This includes putting together the day’s programs and confirming with clients if they are committed to their sessions for the day, replying to overseas emails and my first breakfast.  By 9 am I have made it through a few client appointments and by 10am, I have my second breakfast.

Before lunch I head to work with some in-home clients.  On the way, I make the day’s phone calls, on Bluetooth of course….

After lunch I make myself suffer with my own workout of the day and refuel with a choice healthy lunch. (800-1000 calories)

From 4-9pm I continue to train clients.  Eating here for me can be challenging so my workout bag substitutes as a portable restaurant on occasion.  Rubber bands and stir fry actually work well together 😉

Finally, after confirming a few more client appointments for the following day, I get to relax…

What would you say your greatest accomplishment in fitness has been thus far?  On a personal note my accomplishments in Boxing (3rd place at Nationals)  and Duathalons ( winning my age group championships) were very rewarding and a lot of hard work.

On a client level it is  the continuous comments of how “training has changed my life” that I get from my clients.  Knowing that people have found a new lease on life by making a decision to follow a blueprint for change that I helped create always makes my day.  The fact is the best thing that I can provide as a trainer is to be a positive motivator and a role model.  When clients believe in you and change their lives because of it, there is no better reward or sense of accomplishment.

What is your favorite healthy food/recipe to prepare/eat?  There are a few actually!   One of my favourite breakfast foods happens to be gluten-free quinoa pumpkin pancakes.  A favourite dinner food of mine is butternut squash soup with warm spinach salad.  Sushi is also a classic favorite.

How do you stay motivated on those days where you feel like you don’t want to workout?  I think what helps me the most is that I believe that I need to set a good example for my clients and practice what I preach.  I can’t give up or lose motivation because I expect my clients to work hard in the same ways.

I also believe many people blame age as a limiting factor for their decline or slow improvements in fitness or with their life goals.  I also try to show my clients that age is not a limiting factor.  It is commitment that is the key to success! Humans have an incredible ability to adapt to fitness and healthy lifestyles – the only excuses we have are the ones we make for ourselves.

Who is your biggest motivator/inspiration and why?  I’m actually motivated by success itself!  Challenge me to fail and I will strive for success even harder.

What are you most excited about for 2013?  This year is a big one for NB Fitness as we have recently launched the NBF Boxing Coach Simulator App and will Be launching Bower Boxing Gear.  The NBF boxing App is currently the best boxing App on the market and it’s only going to get better as we add ‘trainer mode’ in the next month.

Bower Boxing has already started to grow in anticipation of the official launch in a couple of months.  We hope to make Bower Boxing the best boxing gear in this generally untapped market.

Favourite fitness quote- “How can I expect you to suffer if I don’t…Sweat is your FUEL, results are my PASSION!”


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