MM: All of you…..

Typically my Monday Motivations are small and simple with a picture and little text, but given that it is the last day of the year I will add more.  Consider this my summary of my “Last Thoughts of 2012.” (I promise I’ll still ‘think’ between now and the stroke of midnight, but you get what I’m saying.)

As I sit here in my living room in my condo in the sky, like most of you, I’m reflecting on the past year.  I am happy to say that there have been no real tragedies in my life this year, and I can happily celebrate and welcome this new year with open arms.  I have been blessed with a great family (who sometimes drive me nuts, but who’s family doesn’t sometimes?! ;)) that I probably don’t see as much as I should; great friends who put up with my crazy Bexx antics and never give up on me no matter what crazy situations and/or ideas I come up with; a great job where I am still allowed to be me and also be part of a great team of people who hear me out no matter what.  I’m very fortunate as well for all of you who have supported me and the lovely launch of my blog in the tail end of 2012.  I had been stewing over starting up the blogging again, and because of a push from a few of these great friends I mentioned above, I finally decided to go for it.

There is always that innate fear that you won’t have anything to say.  And since I’m infamous for starting things and then seeing something new and shiny and moving on, I wasn’t sure I was blogging material.  To me starting this blog was a commitment to myself, not just to blog, but to stick with something and prove to myself that despite being distracted by shiny things, I could still entice my readers to ‘tune in’ while I relayed stories that they could relate to about said distracting shiny objects.  So I blog about snow and Vanilla Ice in the same post, I blog about duck running, and weird things that sometimes people have never even imagined.  I stick with this blogging thing because I have never felt so privileged in my life to have the support network of all of the wonderful people who have read my posts, commented, emailed or come up to me to tell me how much I inspire them.  You all inspire me to become a better me, and I suppose that is what this whole experience is about!

Thank YOU for everything!rockstar


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