Winter Running: Training with Vanilla Ice


I have been running in the winter for a while now and my mom used to yell at me back in the day, saying that I was a little crazy for running in -30 degree celsius weather, and that I was going to slip and fall and break my neck.  So far so good, I have not! wooo hooo *fist pumping action*

I know that winter running is a bit more dangerous than summer running, but to be honest I’m just as big of a klutz during all seasons, so the possibility and probability of me falling in any season is probably just as high as if I were to be running non-stop for 5k on a sheet of ice.  I’m the type of person who has tripped over my own pant leg on numerous occasions (one time my big toe got stuck in the rolled up part of my lulus causing me to trip and fall while simultaneously also losing my pants.)  Despite this being quite entertaining for the casual observer, I think I give people quite a fright when I say that I am going running in the winter 😉

I am excited and proud to say that I have no accidents to report.  The occasional ankle tweak sometimes happens due to my weak ankles from so many sprains in soccer over the years.  I’ve never broken a bone in my life (touch wood) and I am pretty proud of myself.

The key for me is to take it slow when winter running.  I’m have hit black ice before.  I think if you treat your body kind of like a car in bad weather you’ll be fine.  Make sure that your shoes do not have ice on the bottom of them right from the get-go (one time this happened to my ski boots – going in and out of the chalet the snow froze into a giant ball on the bottom of my boots and I sure did fall over.)  I’m not sure if shoes do this, but I figured it might be an okay tip just in case hah

SLOW DOWN –  you are not trying to break a world record, nor are you Super Mario trying to defeat Ice World.  You calm down.  (I’m mostly telling this to myself, because I’ve been known to think hey…. there aren’t that many people out here, I should try to speed this up and get home – almost ending in disaster.  Slow and steady wins the winter training ‘race.’  I believe Vanilla Ice put it best when he said [watch out for the] ice, ice, baby.  (Or at least if he ever wants to be quoted as saying anything profound, I added that little part in the beginning for him. You’re welcome.)


Layering is key.  I have this awesome Under Armor shirt that is sweat wicking, and helps heat you up during your run.  It’s one of my favourites and it also helps because then you don’t have to wear 10 shirts and a jacket.  Although the idea of me running down the road at high speeds toward you like an abominably dressed snow wo-man does make me giggle.Run with a buddy too, that always helps keep me motivated and if you do fall, then there is someone to carry you home! Think about it! 😉

I’m no expert, so take my advice for what is it, general tips on how I’ve stayed safe so far.  I’m not saying you’re not going to slip and fall.  I sure did do that the other morning in my mom’s driveway while just walking to the car.  Of course the neighbours were watching, and so while I was down there on the ground, I did not fail to take this opportunity to strike a pose like a model laying on a beach.

Probably not the most flattering picture of me in life, but winter running at it's finest ;)
Probably not the most flattering picture of me in life, but winter running at it’s finest 😉

Be safe this winter season! (and if you don’t have winter where you are… then I should probably come and visit – I envy you sometimes ;))

Happy training!-Bexx

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