The Guy With Two Thumbs

Today I helped my friend Chantal with her grade 1/2 class.  She was surprised that I was willing to get up to be ready for 6:20am to make it to school with her.  My alathumbsrm didn’t go off and I was almost late, but I made it.  We dropped her two kids off at daycare and were on the road sooner than later.

While social media continued to remind me today of the impending doom of the end of the world tomorrow, I was reminded of what it was like to be a child again 😉

Now a lot of my friends are teachers, some employed as such and some still looking for jobs, and I was privileged to be invited to be a guest in the classroom today to see what all this hype was about.  I work in the alcohol industry in marketing and often get teased about how easy my job is and all the perks of my job certainly do not go unnoticed.  Teachers sometimes hear the same thing, with summers off and having it easy just ‘watching a bunch of kids all day’, how hard could it be?  This is wholeheartedly an inaccurate description of both my job and a teacher’s job if i do say so myself.   Anyone who thinks that running a classroom, having to engage 15+ students at a time is an easy task has a skewed perception of reality… and I know this despite only being there for a day.

I got to step out of my regular marketing shoes, and experience what it is like to work with 18 wonderful 6 and 7 year olds today.  I understand what my teacher friends are talking about – how much they plan, how much they put up with, and how much they appreciate those ‘feel good’ feelings when a child finally appreciates something they’ve said, taught, or done for them.  I mean at the end of the day my experience is limited (and was in fact just one day… I realize this) but I have a new appreciation and respect for what teachers do having had the opportunity to be integrated right into the classroom myself.

I was helping the students make some ornaments for Christmas.  (I’m calling it Christmas, to heck with this ‘Holiday” bull…. hah)

Things that made my day today:

i) I got called Madame Rebecca for the day
ii) A little girl got so excited by some little presents she found today in her classroom stocking (pencil sharpener, pencil, candy cane etc.,) that she gushed that Christmas could be over because she was so genuinely excited about what she had already received.
iii) A little boy made me laugh really hard because he reminded me of me (from what my mom tells me mostly) at that age.  He yelled: “Who wants to come play? Come over here to the guy with two thumbs!” *points two thumbs at himself*
iv) Another little girl asked if I was coming back tomorrow and after Christmas.  When I said no, she replied – “Well I’m going to do everything in my power to see you again because you’re just so nice.”

I’m still smiling from my experience.

I know this isn’t my typical fitness post, but still relevant because moments like this are important too 🙂

Hang out with a child this holiday season.  They make you remember to not take yourself and life too seriously! *two thumbs up*



3 thoughts on “The Guy With Two Thumbs

  1. That’s awesome! Little ones always remind me of how good the simple things can be. Who in the world says your job is easy, though? Mine seems incredible easygoing in comparison to your workload, and I’m a big pile o’ stressies!

    1. I always forget how inspiring and truthful kids are (even sometimes when you don’t want to hear it.)
      I think sometimes because of the industry I am in, people assume it’s easy! 🙂

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