*Magical Movie Moments*

Tonight at the end of our run, I felt like I was experiencing what I like to refer to as a “magical movie moment.”

A magical movie moment to me is when you experience an isolated pristine moment in your life that you feel should be present in a movie.  To help you relate to my nuttiness, I shall compare it to the floating bag moment in American Beauty, or to a scene in a girlie movie where you see the three friends walking through the parting crowd to a certain song, signifying that something awesome is about to go down.

Tonight was the night I was not quitting (as I am sure you remember from yesterday.)  I’m proud to report (as I feel as though I am your local fitness Dougie Howserish reporter/blogger) that I made it through this evening, and ended it with a smile on my face.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – how the heck does that translate or transcend into this ‘magical movie moment’ she yammered on about in the beginning of this post?

We had about 1km of our run left and it started to snow.  We were just doing a short tempo run of 4km, and my legs were still stiff from yesterday’s spin class.  I was trying to tell my new running friend about some races that I had done, in between trying to maintain my breath.  We reached the Running Room store as the snow really started to fall and I felt like this moment in time should have been recorded.  I’m sure I looked lovely (read: red-faced, sweaty, gasping for breath) enough to be in a movie… hahah.   I just wish that I could have frozen that moment in time.  It was a moment of happiness that I feel as though the audience of a movie would love to see, and could really relate to.

I got this same feeling when I used to do night running at home a couple of years ago.  I’m from a small town in Northern Ontario and I used to go running around 8pm every night in the winter (much to my mother’s dismay) and sometimes it would start to lightly snow.  There were no cars on the road,  only white noise – just me, my trusty sneakers and the snow.  It looked like diamonds falling from the sky – a magical moment that I wish that I could have shared.

Tonight was a great moment.  I didn’t give up;  I met a new running friend; I set some new goals for myself, and I experienced a magical movie moment.  I’d say today was quite a success, and I can’t stop smiling 😀

To many more “Magical Movie Moments,”


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