In the NOT SO AMATEUR section of my blog I really want to feature people who inspire me, and in turn will hopefully inspire you!

This week I had the great honour and opportunity to interview one of my favourite people and closest friends, Miss Hilary Jack. Hilary is a gifted artist, teacher, and “Jack” of all trades. (Yes, I just went there hehe) On a serious note, I wanted to feature Hilary this week because she has just reached a very momentous goal in her life when it comes to health and fitness – she has lost over 100lbs!

At her heaviest Hilary weighed 285lbs. After a lot of hard work and dedication she is now down to 183 and still losing as the weeks go by! She attributes her success to a new healthy lifestyle combination of making better food choices, biking and Weight Watchers.

 Why she inspires me: Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for us all these  days.  We are all really busy. Really making that time for ourselves is key. Hilary has limited the amount that she goes out to eat, makes a lot of her own meals and really does watch what she eats when she does treat herself to a nice meal out. She doesn’t deprive herself of things that she loves, looks for healthy alternatives and she is very realistic.

We all have good days and bad, but she doesn’t give up. Her success comes from a lot of hard work, but also dedication to her own quality of life. She works out religiously and strives to feel that surge of energy after a great workout! She is also not afraid to get her sweat on!

Our old hangouts of pizza and movies, have turned into workout dates at the gym, where we exchange high-fives at the end and yell ‘good job’ like we’re some sort of unofficial sporty gym team 😉

What we can learn from Hilary: You have to be ready and you have to want to do this for yourself!

We used to see a nutritionist in University and if there is one piece of advice she told us that stuck it’s this: “You can know the exact steps that you need to take, but you have to want to take them. Sometimes you will sit on the same step for a really long time until you are really ready. I can just give you the tools that you will need when you decide that you are ready.” (Linda Barton, WLU.)

Hilary points this out in her journey for us below, but she inspires me the most because she refuses to let blips in her journey affect her end goals. She has lost the 100 lbs and she is still striving to do better and better each day! Congratulations on reaching your goal, Hilary! You are such an inspiration to us all!

Hilary Jack- Before and After!


7 Questions with Hilary Jack:

What inspired this change in your lifestyle and encouraged your decision to try to lose 100lbs?

Hilary Jack: I can honestly say that when I started this it wasn’t with the end goal of 100 lbs in mind. That part just sort of happened. When my mom had a  stroke it made me take a hard look at my lifestyle and I knew some things had to change. Those of you who, like me, have struggled off on with their weight, yoyo’d from fat to thin and back again know that it’s not a matter of ignorance; it’s a matter of choices and state of mind. I was determined not to end up like my mother.

How did you do it? (What do you think your keys to success were?

Hilary Jack: When I moved in with my parents to help my Dad out with my Mom for the summer I made two very simple promises to myself : “drink more water” and “exercise at least once a day”

I didn’t exercise everyday but I was working out for about 30 minutes 3 times a week. Then I told myself I’d start eating smaller portions. So I did that. That summer I dropped 30 lbs without really trying much. But I hit a standstill and knew my life had to change more than it already had. So I joined weight watchers with the encouragement of my sister. Best decision I’ve ever made. WW made me really step back and look at how I had been eating my whole life and how to better manage my habits and portions. Working out a few times a week turned into a daily routine, where 30 minutes slowly turned into 60. I now bike about 5 times a week for 60 minutes.

Through all of this, it was making sure my mind was healthy and happy. I admit that I suffer from depression, and making sure that my mind was in the right place made all the difference.

Keeping track of everything and staying consistent and positive were what got me where I am now.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is currently in your ‘old shoes’ what would it be? Hilary Jack: You’ll get there when you’re ready and don’t set your goals high, set them small and make a new goal every time you reach an old one. One of the most important things I learned about myself was that I had to do it when I was ready to. Not when someone told me to. I knew why I was overweight, I just wasn’t ready to change it.

Set your goals simple and easy so that when you meet them you have small accomplishments and milestones that you have met. If you make a goal too big its discouraging when you’re not any closer. I made small goals and I’d much rather have 6 goals behind me than 1 huge goal looming overhead.

You only set yourself up for failure when you don’t set realistic goals. Start the goal at 10 lbs not 60, 15 minutes not 60.

What do you use as your motivator(s) during those tough “I want to give up’ times?

Hilary Jack: Honestly, I think about you, Bx. How you push through the toughest stuff that I’d never even think of attempting (Who does this crazy girl think she is running a half marathon with huge blisters.) I think about seeing my mother in the ER after rushing to the hospital and I think about what a high that rush is when you hit your second wind on a workout. But honestly.. biggest motivator is knowing how amazing it feels when I’ve made it one step closer to another goal.

What would you say are the three most important things that have guaranteed your success?

Hilary Jack: Healthy mind.

Reasonable eating. ( I still eat pizza every week!)

Lots of exercise.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

Hilary Jack: Haha this is SO cheesy and nerdy but Morpheus from The Matrix: “Don’t think you are, KNOW you are.”

Favourite workout ‘pump you up’ jam?

Hilary Jack: Right now it’s the Songza Progressive House Hits playlist. Gets my blood rushing every time!

I will leave you with my favourite Hilary quote of all time:  “Sometimes I just want to bury my face in cake…. but I just don’t!”





  1. Mrs. Jack has been my art teacher for 2 years, she is by FAR one of the most amazing individuals i have ever encountered in my life!!!! I miss her to bits, I’m soo happy and sooooooo proud of her accomplishments!!! Love you mrs. Jack
    – Adama

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