Trying Something New

If you asked me to go to a Spin class a couple of months ago, I simply wouldn’t have.  I wouldn’t have made an excuse, I would have just said h-e-double hockey sticks nooooo.  I’m wasn’t ashamed of this.  I just didn’t like it.  I had tried it before.  I did not like it. My mind was made up… or so I thought.  Not everyone is going to like the same things.

However, after some persistence, Rach dragged me to spin class at the new Goodlife on Yonge.  She promised a darkish room with blue lights and club music, which to me was a martini away from the a dance club scene, but I got to wear my tight capri workout pants.  Done deal.

[On a side note, working in the alcohol industry, I am very surprised at how many gym buddies I have from work, but I will not complain ;)]

Anyway (like all my stories, short story long instead of the inverse…. I will continue… HAH)  I entered the class with my neon Nike shoes and they started to glow.  I was impressed by this, as I am usually impressed with anything shiny or light grabbing in attention.

In all honesty though, I was still skeptical.  I don’t like when my legs feel like lead.  I don’t like how the seat hurts my butt.  These were all things that ran through my mind.

The instructor at the front of the class put on his mic and turned the music up to a volume that would mimic that of a club, and told us to start pedalling easy.  (What exactly as pedalling easy?! Did that exist?! )  I grumbled a bit, and then followed suit with the other people in my class.  I’d say there was a 20:2 ratio of females to males, which after writing I realize could be said as a 10:1 ratio.. good thing you’re not testing me on my math skills… hiyoooooo!

The difference I felt in this class compared to others I had been to was most definitely the instructor.  After talking to many people is apparently a key make it or break it when it comes to a class like spin. The music and the ambiance were also huge hits in my mind as well.

The quality of the instructor and the class itself is a huge deal to people trying it for the first time.  I’m glad I went.  This changed my mind about spinning.  You’re not just going to bulk up and get man thighs by trying a spin class.  You’re going to work your butt off and push yourself to some limits you didn’t even realize you had.  Changing up from my regular running and incorporating this into my fitness regime helps me to stay focused on fitness, but avoid the boredom that comes from always doing the same thing all the time.

I feel like I could go to any spin class these days and be fine, but this is the first class that got me motivated to really push myself and keep hopping on that bike.

I’m not going to lie, the seat still hurts my butt, but instead of looking at this as a negative, I look at it as a reminder of how hard I’m working and how much smaller my butt will be when I’m done.

I man-sweat my way through class, and give high fives to whomever I go to the class with.  Kim from work was the latest victim of the in-between-hard-sets-high-five action.

Me: “So Rach and I do high-fives in between hard sets.”
Kim: “I’m down for some of that.  Just let me know when!”

There is nothing like that feeling after you completed a great sweat dripping class and the high-fives that help you celebrate the small accomplishments during the class.

I believe I smiled all the way home 🙂


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